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I am Pei Ee (pronounced as “payee”) based in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. I am an engineer by education.  Had been working in the highly automated disk drive industry in technical support for 14 years. With growing children at home, I decided to make a switch from the corporate world and venture into a home based business with the rise of internet.

I learnt about online marketing in 2013. Started a few online businesses in the same year, some survives and some fall through the cracks. Nevertheless,  I experienced the first taste of home based business,  watching the business grows with the online marketing techniques applied.

At Catazilla,  my team of digital marketing professionals,  help clients in understand the industry from the online perspective.  It creates a whole new channel of acquiring customers apart from the traditional marketing efforts.

What motivate me to  dive into the consulting world is to help businesses to discover the potential business opportunity online.

Do you know how many people are  trying to reach you ?

  • They do not know you but they genuinely looking  for your services and products that you are offering.

Do you know that spending  thousand of dollars for a website does not really helps either?

  • You need your potential customers  to discover and reach you.    Search engine is the meeting point  to link you and your customers.

Every business big or small  need to have a SEO website to generate traffics.   Therefore,   I invite you to give your business a chance and explore the missing opportunities.


“If your website is not generating any marketing value for your company,  let me share my thoughts on improvements that can be done, absolutely  FREE and NO obligation. 

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