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Wondering What is SEO ?

See below how SEO influence organic traffic :

Website without SEO 


Website with SEO (Case Study 1) 


(Case Study 2) 


(Case Study 3) 

Journey To SEO

1. Keyword Research

This is the most crucial step in the SEO process.

Knowing what are the keywords that are relating to your industry and your business is the first step to create a SEO friendly website.

It is important to find out what is the demand based on Google search data in order to estimate the traffic that  you could possibly had  for your page.   Also finding a none competitive keywords also make sure that you rank quickily up the search result page.

Do not forget about long tail keyword, as it may attract quality and converting visitors for your business.

2. Goal Setting

Before you embark,  think about what is the goal of your website.

Is it getting visitors to browse your site ? Collecting email address for email marketing?  Selling products etc

Set a goals, ensure that you focus on the right keywords and creating an appropriate content to keep your visitor interested.

All can be tracked and reported with Google analytical tools.

3. Quality Content Creation

Internet provides vast of  information from different part of the world on the topics that interest you.  Many have established themselves as  authority in the virtual world on their fields.    Finding quality content is part of  Google mission as a search engine. Therefore,  make it  as your responsibility to create quality content as well and you will win the heart  of google to give you a good ranking in the search result.

Example,  is the information useful? Are people sharing your articles?  Are people leaving comments?  Is information refreshed frequently?

4.  On Page SEO

Setup your site that is clutter free and easy to navigate. 
Just as you are visiting a doctor, what do you expect him to do ?  Checking your temperature,   taking your blood pressure , checking your lungs for hissing sound etc. Google setup uncountable algorithms to check on every title tag,  heading , content for relevancy to the searcher keywords.   The overall architecture of the website matters. It will be the first to be assessed by the search engine to dictate your ranking for the search.  So be sure to start out getting these  elements build in when you have your webmster, designer working on the website.


5. Link Building

Google assesses the page rank by looking into links that are pointing to your website.  The more linking to your website will indicate the better relevancy.   However it is not as simple as that. Throughout these years many  people try to exploit this concept by buying links , exchanging links. Off course, these sites eventually  hit and slapped by Google Panda, Punguin releases.  It is dropped out from page 1 over night.  Moral of the story is use natural link building techniques, understand how to the play the game right.


6.  Report and Monitor

If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Improve It

This is very true in any operations, same concept applies in your website. As you have set your goals since day 1  when you build your website,  you now is able to monitor the effectiveness through Google analytical report.   Generate a monthly report , monitor and understand it. Generate strategies to increase more traffic.

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